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In the old days, consumers relied on word of mouth to find people they would do business with. When the markets expanded, consumers placed their trust in consumer reports such as the ones published on a magazine like the Consumer Report mag. The magazine provided and continues trend setting information that affects consumers directly.

With the rise of the information age and with the further growth of the Internet, consumer buying behaviors moved online. The demand for immediate, up to date and real time updates about the things that affected them became important. Today’s e-commerce is built on trust that comes from customer reviews, ratings and comments.

One of the biggest players in e-commerce, however, the essay writing company hasn’t incorporated consumer reviews of any kind probably to protect the privacy of the consumer. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that their consumer doesn’t need to be protected or informed about their options.

Students seen as consumers

So long as students continue to spend a large chunk of their money on essay writing companies, the need to protect them like any other consumer will continue to be felt. The need for 3rd parties to give this group of consumers the fair share of the information they might need before buying essays will remain. is one of the essay companies that are changing the stereotypes in this industry.

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Why reviews are important among essay writing companies

Students who spend money on essay writing companies face unique challenges compared to those who buy from conventional e-commerce companies. They are faced with a seller base that is not uniform. Some service providers are highly trained and professional while others are half baked providers. The desire to give them services based on the money they pay should be considered. Reviews can help them avoid choice mistakes their peers have made. This is where a website like is giving help.

How we work helps students to discover competent essay writing companies either through reviews or consumer comments. We ask customers (many who buy essays online) to share feedback on the service providers they’ve used. We take the comments and ratings they give to rank top service providers. In addition to the rankings, this website also publishes an expert review with rich information concerning each essay writing service. Take advantage of the wealth of information we have mined for you, as well as ratings to discover an essay company you can trust.